The last weeks of September we got a break from the hot weather in Austin TX, the city where I live. The cool temperatures and clear skies in the morning brought back memories of bright days in the early days of autumn in the north east of the country, where we lived for a few years, and as my husband says, where we lived for 4 winters (winters count in that part of the country). As the season approached you could see the foliage colors change, from the summer greens to yellow, red and orange (and at least a million others, as Kacey Musgraves’ Rainbow song).


I start thinking about the coming holidays, celebrations and gatherings, not so sure we will this year. I love gathering with friends to share food and a table together, especially during this time of the year. I can smell the scent of hot apple cider with cinnamon, my pumpkin chocolate chip muffins coming out of the oven for breakfast and creamy autumn squash soup with its bright yellow color steaming for dinner. The colors that nature bestows us with during autumn every year cannot be replicated in a picture, it is like trying to get a picture of the sun, or of the full moon early in the morning. 

We try to mimic these colors and we choose objects with a mixture of these all the way to reddish and purplish fall colors to adorn our homes and ourselves. This month pick are necklaces with tones of the fall colors, such as this radiant bright orange necklace showcased here, reminiscent of autumn to celebrate the season, hopefully with our friends and family. You can wear them all year long, but surely more noteworthy in the fall. 

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Welcome autumn!