About Me

Photo of Galina, the artist

Hi! I’m Gala

I was born in Ossetia, but later moved to Ukraine to pursue college in Kyiv, the city of my parents’ birth. I specialized in physics and eventually settled in Austin, Texas, USA, where I live with my spouse, our daughter, her partner, and our grandchildren.

Creating art is my passion and I have a particular fondness for making glass mosaic and jewelry. I find it particularly rewarding to make necklaces as gifts for my friends.


Artisan Jeweler in Austin, Texas

Creating a necklace is an incredibly special and meaningful process for me. I pour my heart into every piece I make, which is why they are so precious to me. Whenever I give one of my necklaces as a gift, my friends are always delighted. I hope you can find a necklace to gift to your loved one that will bring them as much joy as my creations do for me.

Art with Gemstones

My goal is to create works of art with gemstones that capture the beauty, health, and grandeur of nature. I hope my creations bring you joy and help you feel your best.

Purple agate slice Pendant Necklace


Gemstones reflect nature, health, and splendor, which is why I utilize them in my work because of their beauty.