I choose pink as my color for the month of September. I never consciously think of shopping for pink things, less as my favorite color. And there are so many variations of the “pink” color. Sometimes I am into the soft pinks, like the natural pink in the peony flowers, and sometimes I am into the “hot” bright pinks, like the hot pink colors in the skirts and hats of the women in the Andes mountains in Peru.

I am drawn to the pink colors this month.


Looking at the beautiful necklaces my dear friend Gala has created, I enthusiastically embarked the search for the color pink. I found, amongst many things, that people find that those whose favorite color is pink are loving, kind, generous and sensitive to the needs of others. I want to think of myself as someone like that. But pink? This color is for sure not my favorite (or maybe it is but I feel that is not a color to be a favorite of mine? You know, pink is a “girly” color and I have always thought of myself as a tomboy :-)).

Soft pink reflects delicacy and femininity. Combine a soft pink necklace, like this one, with dark tones such as cherry, black or brown or a hot pink necklace with neutrals, or other bold colors like orange, blue, and green. They will highlight your beauty and make you look more elegant.

As I modeled to showcase Gala’s pink necklaces on her website and Instagram, I could feel warmth and softness, those feelings they say others are drawn too.  I could feel calm and love, and sensual, and very much in touch with that femininity that I think I have always been missing as a woman. Pink after all is bringing out these feelings in me. And then I think about the love Gala has put onto his art for making these beautiful necklaces and I thank her for them and for her wishes to share the happiness she has put into creating them.

I  hope you find these pink necklaces, that Gala is showcasing this month, beautiful, and that your gift one for you or for  friend whose favorite color is pink … or not 😉

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